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About us

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Higher Institute of Technology and Training is the first institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that offers technical education and training in the fields of petroleum and natural gas exploration technology. The Institute is a partner of the government in the development of the Saudi human resources and in meeting the vital needs for qualified and well-trained Saudi people to work in these fields. The Institute offers technical and continuing education programs which are not covered by other educational institutions. These programs cover a wide range of technical professions in the exploration, drilling, production, processing, transportation, and maintenance in the oil and gas industry. Great emphasis is given to technical knowledge, practical training and professional skills. The Institute aims to share in the vision and objectives of companies involved in the oil and gas industry. The Institute appreciates the companies’ contribution in specifying their needs which are valuable inputs in the assessment and improvement of its programs and courses. In addition, the quality of student field training is enhanced through the Institute’s interaction with these companies. The Institute is working in collaborative efforts with the Saudi Human Resources Development Fund and the Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Program for Youth Development, which will contribute in financing the training programs of young Saudis to be qualified for employment in the oil and gas technical jobs.


To provide up-to-date, high quality training workshops with the support from industry experts to accelerate the development of qualified individuals and give them the opportunities to progress and excel.


To be the training provider partner of choice in developing competent professionals in the field of oil and natural gas industry.

President's message

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to welcome each and every one to experience our trainings at PNGIT. We are constantly striving to perfect our program offerings, so when our graduates leave the Institute, they have the necessary skills and competencies to join the workforce.All our programs have been developed by experts in the Industry and at the same time reviewed by academicians who are involved in the preparations of training materials. These materials coupled with inputs from around the world are used in giving instructions and practical applications in and out of the classroom.

Our students also benefit from our international affiliations with entities from all over the globe who are experienced organizations in the field of Oil and Gas, HSE, drilling and other disciplines, at the same time PNGIT is working in collaboration with big corporations and multinationals in taking in our graduates as well as giving them the essential exposures by giving our students actual work exposures during their On the Job Training. All of these in partnership with Technical Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) will make sure that our students will have great future ahead of them. I wish you all luck. Thank you.

Bassam Alwehaimed,