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Exploration Information Technology

Course Description

The Exploration Information Technology diploma program is a two-year (4 semesters) program. After successful completion of the program, the student must spend three months equivalent to four-hundred twenty hours (420 hours) in practical field training in an appropriate oil and gas industrial firm. This three months practical training program may be considered as the fifth semester.

The program covers the knowledge and skills in Oil and Gas Exploration data acquisition, processing and analysis, Seismic Exploration, Logs and Core data acquisition and processing technology are emphasized. Inputting and interpreting geophysical data, producing 3D models of large data sets. Likewise, the basic knowledge of drilling and reservoir engineering applications are considered. The program covers skills in basic computer programming and database fundamentals and their applications in Geoscience, and General English and Technical English communication will be extensively taught in the program.

Career Prospects

Upon successful completion of the Exploration Information Technology program, the trainees can work as:

  1. Geophysical data technicians
  2. Data processing technicians
  3. Exploration information technician
  4. Seismic data technician