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Surveying and Mapping Technology

Course Description

The Surveying and Mapping Technology diploma program is a two year (4 semesters) program. After successful completion of the program, the student must spend three months equivalent to four hundred twenty hours (420 hours) in practical field training in an appropriate oil and gas industrial firm. This three months practical training program may be considered as the fifth semester.

The program offers extensive training and education in Surveying. This training includes fundamental concepts of Surveying techniques, equipment, and different types of surveys. The program covers a number of surveying subjects including drafting (including Computer-Aided Drafting [CAD]), the fundamentals of land surveying and mapping and simple computation methods, surveying techniques such as different methods of measuring horizontal distances, heights, angles, etc.

The trainees in this program will also learn how to use different surveying equipment and how to write reports, make analysis of the surveying, and different types of surveying, such as topographic mapping and survey, geological survey, land survey, boundary survey, and construction surveying.

Career Prospects

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are qualified to work in the following industries as Surveyor:

  1. Oil and gas industries
  2. Construction industries
  3. Road and bridges industries
  4. Property industries